Cimarron High School is …

a 3A high school in southwest Kansas on Highway 50 between Dodge City and Garden City. We belong to the Hi-Plains League and our mascot is the Bluejay.


In cooperation with family, community, and students, the mission of USD 102 is to strive for excellence
by preparing students to be responsible, productive citizens in a challenging society.

Report Card

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Junior Jays Host Syracuse
The Jr. Jays girls won one and lost two on Monday. The
A Team girls won 31-9 for a record of 4-0. The B Team lost
10-19, and the C Team was defeated 0-12. The A Team
boys were winners 38-17, the B Team won 33-23, and the
C Team lost 10-20. The Jays don't play again until December
11, when they host Sublette.


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Vocal Music Students Entertain

An Enchanted Evening was provided by students of Lynn
Unruh on Saturday evening as songs from a variety of musicals
was provided by the choir and several ensembles and soloists.
The performances showcased musicals from as early as 1957
(Cinderella) and as recent as 2013 (Frozen).
The vocal performances were well done, the choir outstanding.
The change from black concert dresses to colorful formal wear
by the young ladies added to the visual excitement. Adding
variety to the evening were guest performances. Candace Smith
appeared in the song Memory from Cats as a ballerina and CHS
band director Andrew Ebey played Sholem-alkhem, rob Feidman!,
which is traditional Jewish dance music, on his clarinet.
With Lynn Unruh directing and Glenda Davis accompanying, an
evening of Broadway music was enjoyed by all.

Southwest District Honor Choir
The following students were selected by audition to
participate in the Southwest District Honor Choir, which
will present a concert on December 6 at the DCHS auditorium:
Chrise Friesen, Paige Spurgin, Makenzie Rogers, Payden
Bergdall and Alyssa Deibert.

Articles by David Ediger, activities director
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Kansas State Department of Education Website
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Principal John Luhrs on Public School Accreditation for the 21st Century
Near the end of 2012, the Kansas Education Commission proposed a number of recommendations related to education in Kansas. The State Board of Education was asked to review the current accreditation process known as the Quality Performance Accreditation or QPA model. The QPA model, developed in 1992 and modified in 2005 relied on 11 quality assurances in order for the school to be accredited. One of the most important elements of the accreditation process included the individual school’s performance on the state assessments.  The new model the State Board of Education is considering maintains an emphasis on school achievement, but is more interested in the instructional process that schools use to achieve their results.

If adopted, the new accreditation process will use the “five R’s” as a way to focus on the quality of a 21st Century education model. The “five R’s” will scrutinize the quality characteristics of Relationships, Relevance, Responsive Culture, Results and Rigor. According to information provided by the Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) the following definitions for each of the “five R’s” are further explained:

Relationships include “a state of interconnectedness among people, curricula, programs, projects, and communities-are critical in establishing connections that result in high performing learning environments.”

Relevance is “the power and ability of specific information to meet the needs of its user-strengthens learner motivation and allows learning to become more engaging, empowering, connected, applicable to the real-world, and socially significant.”

Responsive Culture relies on input from the community and “one that readily reacts to suggestions, influences, appeals, efforts, or opportunities-empowers all stakeholders to become respectful of, responsible for, and involved in learning, the learning process, and the learning community.”

Results require “witnessable evidence of growth and learning-allows curriculum and instruction to be delivered in a timely fashion based on the needs and desires of the individual learning.  Informative and summative assessment, coupled with research-based effective teaching practices, can provide the data and information necessary to fuel teaching and empower learning.”

Rigor is defined as “a relentless pursuit of that which challenges and provides opportunity to demonstrate growth and learning-is essential is addressing the needs of our rapidly expanding society and world.”

How is Cimarron High School working towards accreditation using the new model?  Our Individual Student Learning Plans, by design, address each of the “five R’s” and help our learning community focus on academic success for each of our students. Through multiple assessments, interest inventories, career exploration, stakeholder interviews and a focus on post-secondary education planning we are preparing our kids to be successful in high school and beyond.

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Alumni Website
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