If you would like to have the most current information about school activities you can subscribe to our school calendars. There are four different calendars available and you can choose only the ones you need BUT we highly encourage you download them all.  

District Calendar - All District Events

CHS - All High School Activities/Events

CJH - All Junior High Activities/Events

CES - All Elementary Activities/Events

Summer 2021 Athletics Calendar

You will need to complete the download process using a computer and then you will be able to add the calendar to your mobile calendar app as well.

Find the link  at the bottom right side of the calendar,  and click the link.
If you are not logged into your Google Account, you will be asked to log in.
The calendar will be added to your calendar list.  Your calendar page will then need to be refreshed in order to view the newly added calendar.
Repeat this process for each calendar you would like to add to your Google calendar.  


Start Date

August 18 Teachers

August 24 Students

End Date

May 16 Students

May 17 Teachers

Holidays/Comp Day

September 5 Labor Day

October 10 Columbus Day

October 28 Comp Day

November 21-25 Thanksgiving Break

December 19-30, January 2-4 Christmas Break

January 16 MLK Day

February 20 No School

March 10 Comp Day

March 13-17 Spring Break

April 7 Good Friday

April 10 Good Monday

April 20 Civic Engagement Day - All Student and Staff "In School"


August 18-23 Inservice

September 30 GS Inservice/HS Workday

October 21 GS Workday/HS Inservice

November 28 Inservice

January 3 Inservice

January 4 Work Day

February 24 Work Day

March 20 Inservice


October 3 & 4 Career Advisement

October 24 & 25 Parent Teacher Conferences

February 27 & 28 Parent Teacher Conferences

March 6 & 7 Career Advisement

May 14 Graduation