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From Principal Jara Wilson

To our Cimarron Jr/Sr High School students, parents, and community members:

We have entered unchartered territory over the past few weeks and I have had a front-row seat watching all of the changes unfold. I wanted to write a quick note to let you know that we are here for you and we want to serve you during this time. We have ideas of what we would like to see done over these next few weeks, but we are learning as we go too! If something is hard or confusing to you, please reach out and let us know. If there are certain things that are going really well, let us know that too so we keep doing more of it! 

There are many challenges that have come along with the school buildings being closed that we are working to address, but we are also choosing to focus on the blessings that have also come along with this time including extra time outdoors, extra family time, and the technology that we can utilize in order stay somewhat in contact with you. This is a tough time because we miss you all very much, we miss seeing you daily, we miss watching you participate in the extra-curricular things you love, and we miss helping you through your struggles. We will do our very best to communicate well with you through this time. We do not want you to feel isolated or like you are all on your own. Please reach out to us if we are not reaching out to you on a regular enough basis.

Lastly, I want to THANK YOU ALL for being so positive and willing to work with us as we have entered this new time. I must tell you that I have had the opportunity to work alongside all of your teachers and paras the past couple of weeks and they have been truly amazing. They are working very hard, they have growth-mindsets, and their heart is to serve you all during this time. I truly couldn’t ask for a better group of people to get to work alongside - students, we are blessed with the best! I also want to send out a special THANK YOU to our secretaries, to our cafeteria staff, and to our custodians and our maintenance staff. The long hours, the hard work, and the passion that you put into your work have not gone unnoticed, WE APPRECIATE YOU!

Parents, students, and community members - please reach out and let us know your thoughts, your concerns, and your needs. We want to do our very best for you all!

Mrs. Wilson

Jara Wilson
USD 102
CJH/CHS Principal